by Ghost Voice

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Everything that ends up in the ground
Will surely once again be found
From treasure to fossils
To victims of god knows what
Everything hidden sticks around
What will you find in Olduvai Gorge
Will you want to begin once more
To fashion crude implements
To bury all your secrets
Much deeper than ever before
The mind's a trap it's true, but no prison
Random access data retrieval systems
Will dig up your grave
In search of a brain
To reanimate the corpse within
But Egyptians thought their brains had no use
That's a waste of space you could fill with jewels
All that grey matter
Just wouldn't make it hereafter
Those pharaohs are as lost as we are
Now I admit the light's growing dim
There's less to find and more to forget
We need a bigger station
And a better situation
And much less fruitless excavations

I just had an impossible dream
Where nothing was born to deceive
I just had the best ever dream
Where you were you and I was me
Sometimes I wonder
If there are babies
Still being born
In the 16th century
And sometimes I wonder
If all my dreams
Will come alive
And slowly devour me


released January 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Ghost Voice Hagerstown, Maryland

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